Monday, 17 December 2012

I found some interesting tips on how to grow Oregano herb at home. Oregano is a spice commonly found in Italian dishes. In addition, fresh oregano tastes much better than store bought oregano.
  1.  Choose if you would like to use seeds or oregano plants from your local nursery. Oregano plants are easier to grow, so you should consider this if you are a first time gardener. However, oregano seeds are much cheaper (not to mention the extra pride you feel once you have a sprout), so more experienced gardeners may choose this method.
  2. Loosen the soil. If you are going to be planting the oregano in an area of soil that is hard or rocky, you are probably going to have to loosen it so that the oregano's roots can grow more easily. Do this by taking a trowel and shoveling up the dirt over and over, until it is fairly fine. Also, remove any rocks.
  3. Plant the oregano in the spring. They should be planted in soil that is between dry and moist and where they can get lots of sunlight. It should also drain well. If you are using seeds, they should be planted six inches apart from each other, and only be about half an inch below the surface. Later, thin the plants so they are twelve inches apart.
  4. Maintain your oregano. Water the oregano only when the soil is dry because since they are native to arid regions, they do not like particularly moist soil. Also, keep your garden free of weeds and bugs.
  5. Pinch off flower buds when they start to grow. These will reduce the flavor of the oregano.
  6. Harvest the oregano when it is about 6 inches tall. You can cut the plant at about half an inch above the ground.
  7. Cut back your oregano once the weather gets to cold and cover it with mulch until it is spring again. 
  8. Replace your oregano. This should be done two to four years after you plant, when the oregano has begun to become woody.

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